Zeitgeist On Wheels

The Wish List

these are items that will make the mission run a bit more smoothly.  We are operating without most of them
now, and can continue to do so, but these things that will enable us to be more effective and reach more people.

***Randomly sorted***
People! We always need people!  that is what this is all about!  We need people to join the crew and help share our ideas and the awareness of these larger projects
Video Camera This might be the most important item needed right now as the mission begins.  The best way for us to express our ideas and values is to show you with video the things that we do and think. The Finance page has the camera-savings fund.  This is the amound that we can pay for a camera right now.  Always we are into barter and work trade, so send us a message if you have something to offer!
Still Digital Camera
I don't have many pictures on here - a camera could fix that right up!
Money Please refer to the Financial page for the transparency of our expenses.  If there is something that you specifically wish to donate toward please indicate that with your donation.  Also do not be confused:  we are not yet officially associated with the zeitgeist movement or film creators.  If you wish to donate to them directly, There will be links on the financial page.
Food we have a need for some basic staples, rice, beans, flour, etc.  and will gladly accept any food  (thanks mom)
Composite decking or wood for a roof top deck on the bus.  This will be for storage, movie viewing, and part time sleeping quarters.
Small diesel engine or
diesel generator
This is for producing enough electricity to run the projector and sound system powered by veggie oil.
Solar Panels We have one panel now and it is enough to power a laptop for a short time and some LED lighting at night. 
Deepcycle RV/Marine Battery The main engine battery is faded and also the solar system has a weak car battery right now
Charge Controller If the solar system gets any larger we will need a controller so we don't burn up the batteries
Old bicycles We can piece together old bikes and make a few to travel with, it would be awesome to have bikes to giveaway to needy people as well
Propane stove from
an old camper
Right now we have a kangaroo kitchen - which is awesome - but a real stove would be pretty cool too!
Artwork painted on
the side of the bus
Very important.  We may have an arrangement in Eugene, but there is always art to be done
Used Veggie Oil We need to keep the bus rolling.  If you know any leads in our current area, let us know!