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A good friend, Blake Hamilton (a gold metal model citizen) introduced me to Vipassana Meditation in January this year.  February 4th I started my first 10 day course, and found that thing that I didn't know I had been searching for.  There is a spiritual realm just out of reach of our 5 senses, and the only way of accessing it that I had found was through psychedelic substances.  The use of these substances, while being time tested by the shamans of ancient societies, is not an acceptable medium for inner exploration of the psyche in our modern culture.  Vipassana to me is a legitimate means of reaching this realm.  It requires a full ten days of silence, with no outside contact or influence, meditating eyes closed more than 10 hours each day.  In this environment there is nowhere to run from yourself, no excuse to distract the mind from facing itself.  I have recommended in the past a psychedelic experience to anyone with an ounce of interest in understanding life.  Now I have been exposed to an even stronger tool, which is just as scary to experience, requires even more discipline, and is much more socially acceptable.  Thank you Mr. Goenka for bringing this ancient form of meditation back to life for so many.

What exactly is Vipassana?  To know you must really experience it, but in short it is a focus on the current moment.  It is putting the past aside and ignoring the future for a time, and appreciating the sensation of the current moment, specifically the sensations of the body as you sit without moving for extended periods..  There is no dogma, it is independant of religion, and you are to believe in nothing except that which you personally experience.  The technique is based on the words of the Buddha, whereas Buddhism is a dogma and interpretation of his ideas, arising many years after his death, much like Jesus and Christianity.  Our personal experiences are the most important thing that we have, and to not embrace these sensations is the tragedy of our time.

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