Zeitgeist On Wheels


Life is not off in the distant future, or behind us in the past, it is right here, right now, and this is the most important moment of our lives.  To me the connections made between one another are one of the most beautiful experiences we can have.

These are a few people that have crossed our path, and are trying to spread brotherhood in their own way.  Take a few minutes and see what they are about, and if you get a chance to meet one of them, say Hi!



Kenny is a professional steet busker In Victoria British Columbia.  He actively chooses this lifestyle to reach as many people as he can at the grass roots level.  He is very passionate, but no words can describe him.  You really must see one of his videos at:
Click on his Picture for more info.



Guisepi has been an inspiration and a great role model,  following a similar path as our zeitgeist team, he is doing it with even stronger conviction and much more finesse.  Catch a ride on the Tea Bus or just stop in to say hi.  More info at www.freeteaparty.org  In a completely unplanned syncronicity, we parked the bus in his regular spot right as we rolled into Arcata, and 5 minutes later he pulled in behind us.  A few hours later he was serving his Tea, and we were serving hot food to the street kids.  Good job Guiseppi for consistently offering love to passers by! 


Alex warning drivers of an imminant encounter with the fuzz
We met Alex in Eugene Oregon waiting in line at a food bank.  He instantly fell in love with the OnWheels mission and had to jump on the bus.  Between our food, his, and a shorter term rider, Smurf, we got enough to feed people in Arcata 2-3 meals a day for almost a week.  Alex was an active member of the OnWheels crew for over a month.  Good luck on your ventures Alex!