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Bus breakdown!!

On the way back form the lecture/tour at the Venus Project the air compressor on the bus clogged up and we lost air pressure right around mammoth cave, KY.  So we pulled over and slept and in the morning we pumped up the air tank with a bicycle pump for about 40 minutes enough to get the air pressure to disengage the air brakes, then we rolled up to a gas station pumped it up to about 80psi and then got to a truck stop to pump up to 120PSI. This allowed us to drive back to l-ville where we have now taken the bus apart... in order to get the air compressor out, which we have now broke down and are in the process of cleaning the carbon out and getting all the kits and seals to rebuild it.
This job would cost about 1,500 dollars for a shop to do and we're going to make it work... We're treating it like cleaning a gun... basically. -pip


Pip's first 2 weeks on the bus

Basically I've been doing a bunch of self study and volunteer work... along with fixing up a house... till my friend came down with a big green school bus that runs on veggie oil with a mission to go to Venus FL and see Jacque Fresco. The idea was simple, we'd travel and discuss debt based economy and the possibility of a resource based economy with as many people as we could talk to. Discussing value systems, the pros and cons of various possibilities, and our situation as it is right now as openly as possible in order to understand where everyone is coming from and what their thoughts are.

I love being on the road.... but being on the road with a veggie oil powered bus is even more awesome.
The synchronicity created by having to dumpster your own grease and constantly stopping in random places and exploring them is completely wild.... We've been drifting between sustainable community after sustainable community.... and everything else in between.

Let me put it this way... Someone suggested we go Ray's monkey house to check it out when we were in l-ville and we ended up doing a zeitgeist addendum showing there.. a lot of people came and we passed out a few DVDs... a reporter for the local free paper (leo) came and did a story on us and how we're traveling between communities doing showings and talking about the debt based economy... dumpster diving our food and grease for powering the veggie oil bus.

She's supposed to be writing us an article and we've been having email conversations in order to make sure that she's gets a closer idea about the movement and especially about what we're doing... you know how sensational media can twist anything.
here is the article:

After that, we were suggested randomly to go to Berea KY and check out this transition town... a college community that focuses on sustainable agriculture and eco....
the college they have there is one of the first to educate freed slaves and is a completely free college... the students work off their tuition by doing a few hours a week service to the college/community.. and they only take college students from lower income families....
They host international students... and it was a really awesome small local community.

One of the electric heaters for the veggie oil cut out and we ended up shooting wires in the parking lot of the college eco village.. and .
While we were hanging out and working I met a student doing a sustainable agriculture major at this college and helped her garden for a few hours... It was really awesome to get my hands in the earth with someone that knows more than me and could teach me a few things again. I really enjoy food related gardening.

I learned a few more plants and discussed all kinds of gardening and agriculture/eco things. I had just been missing my own garden so it was great to help her with the schools garden and learn about what they were doing at that college.
They even had this sewage sanitation system that was 100% natural using plants and snails that cleans the water 5 times as clean as normal sanitation it was really interesting to watch.

Then we all went on a hike through the diverse ky woods to an amazing overlook.... and then to a jam session at a coffee house...
after that we all hung out at her house and everyone on the bus and a bunch of her friends played music and read poetry all night...
We passed out a few videos too.

We all sat around and talked about chakras, and unity, poetry all kinds of good spiritual matters.
She suggested we go to asheville and on the way down there we stopped for oil in knoxville... we bumped around looking for oil and eventually scored about 50+ gallons of veggie oil behind a thai restaurant.. we dumpstered a bunch of food from a grocery store too... a lot of which we passed out.
we're living off the excess of society and living like kings... in all honesty..
Some guy came around and was interested in what we were doing and asked if we were 21.. we said yes and they bought us a round of beers and we talked about sustainability and debt based economy in a bar... it was funny and fun.. reminding me of the USA's forefathers that discussed the draft of the constitution with common man in taverns.
We passed out a few dvds and ran around knoxville for a few hours before we headed out.

Then we left toward ashville and jeff got a call from one of his friends that was just living in ashville and had a party going on... The last time jeff and this guy talked they lived in Colorado so it was just wild that it happened to be a call right as we drove to asheville.  Asheville is very chill. like the san fran of the east coast..
We cooked mexican food (from #10 cans we pulled out of dumpsters) on their front lawn for all the happy drunkards.

The road is a constant whirl wind.. there's always so much to do... from coding the website while bouncing up and down on the road... to dumpstering food and veggie oil... to meeting people. couch surfing... and constantly getting to know new areas...
every moment is full... and there is so much life going on... it's hard not to get washed away in the love and the living.
We've met so many wonderful people and all I can try to do is share what I have and what I know...

So we drifted on down to the Florida coast and hung out on the beach for a few hours. I messaged a bunch of people on Couch Surfing in the small town of Melbourne FL.
We got some responses and headed onward after body surfing a bit...

We surfed a house in a retirement community... and our hosts showed us around the city and beach... Kept us well fed with good food and gave us a chance to shower before we went to Venus. On the last day before we left we helped them put up painters tape, lay linoleum, and paint.
It was a lot of fun to be helped and help someone out.

We drove most of the way to Venus, slept in a truck stop, and drifted into a thrift store where we found Hawaiian t-shirts and were able to dress up 'nice' for the tour.
We arrived at the Venus Project and they gave us a tour and we had a discussion and education on the project and it's goals.
It was rather informative and I enjoyed myself.
Jacque is to the point, very smart, and also amusingly vulgar. He waves incredible yarns and it's rather enjoyable to listen to someone so old and wise call bullshit and reiterate that language is just language it's what you mean behind what you say that's important anyway.

He made a lot of good points and I'm hoping to have some video and audio up on youtube soon.
We have a few good videos from our journey that I will be sorting through as I can. -pip


Zeitgeist On Wheels arrives in Venus Florida!

After 4 months on the road, meeting many amazing people, showing Zeitgeist and other documentaries, doing lots of community service, and putting lots of miles behind us, we arrived at the Venus Project property, bringing a bittersweet turning point to a long journey.  We tried to go in with little expectation of how we would be received and what would happen when we arrived, but I think there was a general sense of disappointment in our experience.  Personally I felt a bit like we were on a tour at a themepark.  We got herded in with 20 other tourists, given the standard spiel, and pushed out the door at the end.

This being said, I still feel that the ideas that Jacque Fresco is putting forward are good, and that the concepts must be considered for our future on this planet, but I also feel that the Venus Project is not armed to take on this challenge.  Mr. Fresco has a great mind, which remains sharp at the age of 93, but he can no longer take the actions necessary to move his project forward.  Roxanne Meadows cares about the project, but many people that interact with her feel that she is over-stressed by finances, publicity, and caring for Jacque, and comes across as very negative as a representative of the project.  They will not take on any additional help, no one to help with phone calls, no one to help with emails, no one to help with publicity.  No one to give Mr. Fresco's lectures, no one to offer tours of the property....  They are doing it all, and they are getting buried in the masses of people becoming interested after Zeitgiest Addendum came out back in October 2008.

This is where we have to take the torch and keep moving forward with it.  Across the nation we have interacted with so many isolated communities of activists that each want a better, more sustainable world to live in.  Each is taking upon themselves to do whatever they can figure out to cause a change.  The intelligence is out there.  The ambition is out there.  The awareness is even out there...  It seems as though all we need is to all come together, take this education to the next level, seek out more difinitive information and expertise, and bring more people and understanding on board with this ever developing movement. This journey is nowhere near being over. It has only begun. We recently got our first media in the Louisvile LEO paper. We are restructuring so that Jeff is no longer at the head of this mission, but an equal player as has always been the desire. We are gaining momentum, knowledge, and experience, and we are getting better at what we do everyday. The web interface has recently been updated, and the media content is under construction to include many more photos and even video finally. We hold no one above us as idols, we hold no experience as true except that which we have ourselves experienced, and we continue to question every social pretense that we are able. We will continue to share love and gratitude. We will continue to volunteer our labors for good causes. And we will continue to share information with those whom are interested in learning. -jeff


Asheville, North Carolina

Ashville was an unexpected suprise!  As we Drove Eastbound on I-40 out of Knoxville, we made a random call to a friend who happened to live a mere two hours ahead of us in Asheville.  From there we had a warm welcome, got shown around this amazing town, and ended up washing dishes at a restaurant hosting a Bee Hive Collective presentation. (http://beehivecollective.org/english/front.htm)  Talk about syncronicities!  Thanks Nick and the crew for inviting us into your beautiful corner of the world!


Knoxville, Tennessee, BUSTED

We stopped into Knoxville to score some oil and as we were pumping out of a dumpster we were approached by a guy asking us what we were doing.  We thought we were busted, but it turned out he wanted to learn about veggie oil conversions, and offered us a round of beer.   We discussed  the engine conversion to vegetable oil, politics, and the basics of the Zeitgeist movement. 

We then sought out a location to serve some food on the streets, but could not find a good spot, and after trying several places we ended up heading eastbound toward Asheville.


Addendum Showing in Louisville

We were well received by a small audience at Ray's Monkey House on the 3rd and had an opportunity to opperate as a group for the first time sinse Justin and Pip had been on board.  We passed out lots of material thanks to Pip and his huge efforts to burn large quantities of documentaries to disc, as well as get us official business cards and other materials.  Thanks Pip!  Also worth mentioning is Pip's friend Tony was able to repair our video projector and we are now in business to show documentaries and be able to focus the image!  Thank you Tony!  You are the Man!

Justin has also decided to come with us to Florida, representing the Kentucky chapter of the Zeitgeist movement.  (http://zeitgeistkentucky.com/default.aspx)  He had been planning on organizing a trip and bringing local members down with him, but decided this was a great opportunity an jumped aboard.  We now have a serious knowledge base within the crew, each of us here because of our individual interest in the movement, I am really happy to be working together with these guys!  Welcome Justin and Pip!  And Thank you Casey for your on going efforts to help keep the bus rolling as well as enthusiastically spread the awareness as we move across the country.  You all Rock!!


Louisville Kentucky

We arrived here in Louisville a few days ago and have been swept up by the Zeitgeist and counter-culture enthusiasm here.  We have already attended a few meetings, set up a local venue at Ray's Monkey House for next Wednesday to show the Addendum, and drove around town posting up Crimethinc posters.  If you are everpassing through Louisville, check out the BRYCC house downtown, or at www.brickhouse.cc

We have finally met Pip face to face and are excited to welcome him aboard.  For now he has welcomed us into his home and hopeflly soon we will be returning the favor.

Also Justin is a primary organizer of the Louisville Zeitgeist Group (http://zeitgeistkentucky.com/default.aspx), and he is thinking about joining us for a short time.  Welcome!

Come see us Wednesday June 3rd at 7:30pm!  We'll be playing the Addendum at Ray's Monkey House, located at 1578 Bardstown Rd Louisville KY 40205


Jouney to Venus arrives in Florida!

There is a sister website / mission, called Journey To Venus, (www.journeytovenus.com) - [unfortunately the site is down] which is a couple of guys riding bicycles from Los Angeles to Venus, Florida.  A few weeks ago they arrived and they have published this video series called "Life on Venus:"

(The "Life on Venus" series seems to also be down)


Sign the Guestbook!

So finally we worked out a form of a guestbook / comment board.  Although the format is a guestbook, we are more interested in getting a discussion started so lets hear your thoughts!


New Content and People

Added a great essay written by a friend under the "Articles' page, working on getting the crew page updated, and added Caducus' Red Pill document, which is worth a few minutes of your time.  Also there is a new page about Vipassana meditation.  More construction is underway but today is beautiful and sunny and we are off to South Lake Tahoe for a photography project associated with the University of Nevada, Reno.


Back in Reno!

We are back in the Reno land, hanging out with James, Richie, Alex, and Brad once again.  We are gearing up for our trip to Denver and hoping to get on the road Friday morning!


Vipassana Center in North Fork, California

Immediately after the Addendum Event on the 21st, we set sail toward North Fork, California, to attend a 10 day course.  Along the way we picked up Matt, Jesse, Lilly, and Casey and had a good overnight journey.  Jeff and Jesse as old students volunteered in the kitchen, while the others sat the course and were silent for 10 days.  It was an awesome experience and it gave us a nice break from the world to recharge our ambitions to get to Florida!  For more info see the OnWheels Vipassana page, for more info on the center, check out http://www.mahavana.dhamma.org/


Addendum showing was a huge success!

About 40 people turned out for our Reno presentation of the Addendum and we had an awesome discussion after the film.  In the crowd we had folks shocked at a new perspective, folks that had personal experience with some of the military aspects covered in the film, and had some intruiging disagreements, and mixed reactions from everyone else.  It was a great event!  We had a brief chance to talk about our mission and travels, and a few folks got a tour of the bus from Alex. 


Zeitgeist Venue in Reno Nevada

I am super stoked to announce our first full sized venue for showing Zeitgiest!  I met Jessica while doing a couch search on couchsurfing.com and not only is she into Zeitgeist, but also manages a studio in Downtown Reno and was immediately excited about getting us on the calendar.  7:00pm on April 21st we will be showing Zeitgeist the Addendum, followed by a discussion, and hopefully we can line up a local band to play afterward.  We came to Reno expecting it to be super conservative and are so happy to see that there is life here after all.  Way to go Reno!  I hope to see you at the Studio on Fourth, 432 E 4th in Downtown Reno on the 21st.   We are shooting for about a hundred attendees. 


End of Mission

April Fools.  The mission is going strong.  We are gaining members both short term and long term, and the mission is becoming a well oiled machine.  There are somewhere between 5 and 8 of us on board currently, here in Arcata, California.  Just as we left Eugene Oregon, we scored a fair bit of food from a church working with Food for Lane County.  We boxed it up and met with Steve to rideshare down to California.  In the first 48 hours down here we have served food publicly in medium volume 4 times, and we are planning some more tonight at the Square in downtown Arcata.  So far it has all been donated by food banks, Quest food stamp money, and kick downs from food co-ops and grocery stores.  Our next money will turn-on by the fourth, an extra $400 promised, and possibly another $400, making this a large scale public event.  We have met so many awesome people and are making a really good impact on the community.  Props to the Crew!  Also Props to Guiseppi at www.freeteaparty.org, who has been making a similar impact here in Arcata on a longer term.  We finally got a chance to meet last night as our buses sat parked side by side serving free tea and free food.  Awesome!


Volunteer page updated

Getting the volunteer activities rolling here in Portland.  Discovered a great group called Hands On that is a nation wide organization coordinating volunteer work in many cities.  In Portland the volunteer work will include Schoolhouse Supplies, The Rebuilding Center, and the Columbia Symphony.  More details on the volunteer page.


New Video, New Friends, and Z-day tomorrow!

Posted a new video on the main page, a 90 minute slideshow re-expressing the points of the Zeitgeist Movement. 

Also we just returned from the Oregon Coast after an overnight campout with Portlander Couch Surfers.  Thanks Nick for the Supplies and meeting place, CoyoteDave for the beautiful drums, Kari for the Chili feed and awesome cornbread, Alex for the second ride out to the coast, and Kate for your company and yoga (even though we didn't get a chance at the beach,)  you guys are awesome!

Z-day is tomorrow and the Portland showing is at:
2206 SE Caruthers St

Portland, OR 97214
It starts at 8:00pm.


The "Where is the bus now?" page updated.

"where is the bus now?" now has a google map embedded to see past locations, as well as the current location.  It is interactive just like a map on the main google site.


The Bus is in Portland, Oregon!

The bus has safely arrived in Portland.  Thanks to Pam, Elaine and Brenda for being a part of the first day of the mission!  We spent a few hours chatting in Olympia before arriving at the mediation hall in Onalaska.  Good luck with the course!


Z-day 2009:  March 15th

Around the world people will be watching Zeitgeist and the Zeitgeist Addendum.  Go to www.thezeitgeistmovement.com for an event near you!  If you have seen the films already, bring some friends!  If you have not seen them yet, bring some friends!


The OnWheels Mission begins

The OnWheels bus is moving south to Portland Oregon at the beginning of March.  If you need / want a ride keep an eye out here for more details, or look for an ad on Craigslist in the coming week.