Zeitgeist On Wheels

On Wheels Mission:

To take an active role in spreading the momentum of the zeitgeist movement from a grass roots level by having one on one and small group interactions with people that possibly would have otherwise not been exposed to this information. If nothing else we want to have an effect on as many people's lives as possible with enough of a shock that they have opportunity to think independently of mainstream and get out of this stronghold of ignorance that so many of us have found ourselves in.

Goals of this website:

1. Continue the perpetuation of the Zeitgeist movement by forwarding information about the documentaries, the movement, and the Venus Project.  I feel that while this information is vital, it is unnecessary to convince people of it's relevence - this will become obvious when the time is right.  My goal is exposure.

2. Provide a platform for people to come together and to celebrate life with other inspiring individuals.

3. Provide a starting place for research into the field of life beyond mainstream, beyond network television, beyond culture, and perhaps even beyond the third dimension.

4. Document the travels of the OnWheels crew, the public involvements that we participate in, and invite others to walk away from their old world lifestyles and become citizens of the future.