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Jeff passionately singing the titanic theme song Using my five years experience with Walmart, I landed a management job in a grocery store in Alaska and was well on my way to becoming a career man, complete with wife and house by the time I was 22.  Luckily it was not long before the spirit of Alaska woke me up to the real world out there, and I have been on a steep return path to reality ever since.  As far as career work goes, I have taken an early retirement.  As far as life goes, I am awe stricken with the beauty and love that I have experienced, and with all that lies before me.  This world is truly awesome, and I am grateful to be a part of it as we unfold our story into the future.
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Casey doing the waterfall boggie
Hello, my name is Casey House! I have lived most of my life in the Red Bluff, CA area and spent almost the whole time living a life of misery. I don’t mean to imply that I had a horrible life; I actually lived a pretty easy life. I was just living a life behind a blindfold, convinced into thinking that I had to go to school, get a career, get married, have kids, and live a monotonous life doing the same thing every day. I lived a life with money as its foundation. Everything that I wanted or dreamed about revolved around money. I was a good person; I was just lost because of what Mother Culture had been pounding into my head since I was a child. So I completed high school and went to college at CSU Chico, where I decided that I was going to be a computer artist. I majored in Applied Computer Graphics and enjoyed it for the most part. But then I realized that I was chasing something that I didn’t even want. I realized that I was not actually living… but instead just hallucinating. I had taken the money drug, which got me hooked to the college drug, which made me so dependent on both that I lost sight of who I actually was. I came to the realization that money has created a religion, where Money is GOD, College is the church, Careers are heaven, and college Degrees are the tickets into heaven. People have created different sects of this religion, such as the Military sect, the Trade School sect, the Athletics sect, and the Gambling sect yet they all worship the same god…. MONEY. I came to this realization and decided to drop out of college after a year and a half of stress and misery. I didn’t drop out because of bad grades or financial struggles (scholarships covered my debt to the church), I did it because I knew I was better than what I was being molded into. After dropping out, I researched the VENUS PROJECT and started reading interesting articles about this world that we live in. I had plans of hitchhiking up the Northern California coast until I talked to Roxanne Meadows (co-founder of the Venus Project) on the phone and told her I wanted to visit the research facility in Venus, Florida. She told me that there was a bus headed her way, but didn’t know where it was or who was on it; leaving me to do some research in order to track it down. After a short search, I came across Jeff on this site and contacted him immediately about wanting to travel with him. After about a week and a half, I was on the bus and going to meditate for the first time in my life. If this is HELL, then I feel really sorry for all of the miserable lost souls in HEAVEN.
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I ran into Caducus on Couchsurfing.com, and we have been having some intense conversations over the past few months about conspiracy theories, where the world is heading, and the beauty of life in general.  This guy is serious about his research!

He is self described as a horrible buddhist... currently studying many topics ranging from the 60s to metaphysics and yoga and other esoteric teachings and studying the way they relate to exoteric experiences. Currently he calls the project "energy exchange" under the idea that everything in existence is under a constant exchange of energy that is experienced both consciously and unconsciously. he is attempting to fully experience (and hopefully eventually understand) the energies he is receiving and transmitting.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole, check out his "Red Pill"
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